Summertime… Hip hip hoorah!

Contemplating over a California Sunset
Me in California, I just got back last weekend

It is now officially summertime. At least in my book. And this means… lots of free time. For the next month all I have going is one college class that meets daily from 7:30am to 9:10am. I have to get up early but then most of my day is unscheduled.

Today is the second day of my class. Tuesday.

Two days ago I got home from a whirlwind 17 day “Western American Tour” trip. I visited both my brothers. They live in Oregon and California, respectively. I helped my oldest brother drive a car he had bought in Phoenix to his home in Oregon. That would be a 1700 mile drive in an antique Ford. Then I spent a week in Colorado doing maintenance work at Deer Creek Christian camp (Located right next to the well known camp ID-RA-HA-JE).

It was a great vacation but there’s no place like home and I’m glad to be back.

So yeah, the third day of summer. I’ll admit, today I’m feeling a little blue. I shouldn’t be. Right now I could be doing anything I want. Heck, I haven’t had this much free time in years! Many, many years. Incredible. There are advantages to quitting your job and going back to school.

I guess I need to get busy setting some summer goals and working on them! I know summer will be over before I know it.

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