Mental Health & Weighted Jackets

I learned in this education class I’m currently taking that children suffering from certain mental issues (such as autism) can benefit from wearing a “weighted vest” or sleeping under a “weighted blanket.” This gives them what is called Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS).

Ok, got it: Autistic kids can find comfort in the touch stimulus provided by weighted clothing and blankets.

Now read this about autism:

“Autistic children and adults don’t like being touched, they might not like certain textures or sounds, they might cover their ears at very loud noises, they tend to blank out certain things…” (What is Autism?)

Isn’t it interesting how those suffering from autism frequently are uncomfortable with human touch and yet still benefit from the touch stimulus of a weighted jacket or blanket?

I got to thinking, “Isn’t that how I frequently am toward God?” Recoiling from being touched and molded by the master creator of the universe? The one who molded me into existence? And don’t I frequently try finding fulfillment in things of this world: in hobbies, in gaining accolades from others, in relationships with people who will disappoint, in being a good person?

Yet how many times do these “replacements” leave me cold and empty inside? God is the only one who can breathe warmth and joy and fulfillment into my being. His Holy Spirit can produce the Fruits of the Spirit in my life. He can and will do that. That is, if I only allow him to “touch” me.

Photo Credit: publik15

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