Putting My Boat Up For Sale

Books, I’ve got tons of them. Clothes, I have too many. Doo-dads, knick-knacks, STUFF, STUFF, STUFF!

I… Must…. Simplify…

Speaking of which… I have a 22′ foot sailboat which I feel is a chain around my neck.

It always needs a little work but since it’s stored 30 minutes away from my apartment at the lake, that’s sometimes hard to do.

I have had a lot of fun with the boat, primarily the camping aspect. I haven’t found it to be as exciting to sail though as a smaller, more lively boat.

There are fees associated with owning a boat. For the first two years I kept it at a sailing marina which cost me $1,000/year. That’s $83/month. Just for storage.

This past year I have kept it in dry storage at a less expensive boat marina for only $30/month. Still, there’s also insurance ($131/year), taxes, maintenance, etc.

To make a long story short: it was fun, but it’s gotta go!

(update: the boat sold, the ad is here.)

In other news, I have sold a few other things recently:

  • I listed 8 books for sale on Amazon, two have already sold and I’ve shipped them
  • I listed a rifle scope on Amazon and it has already sold and shipped
  • I listed my Dave Ramsey Financial Peace CD Collection on eBay, it’s already up to $22
  • I listed my BlueTooth headset on eBay, no bids yet
  • I was going to list computer memory and tennis rackets but they weren’t worth anything so I threw them away
  • I culled my clothes and gave two full trash bags worth away
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