Pulling the Plug – Three Month Update!

Update Clipart Three months have passed since I canceled internet at my apartment. Yet lo and behold, I am still alive.

Yes, it is a pain. But for me… it has been totally worth it. Though I do still have access at school and my parents house, there are many days I’m not online at all, even to check my e-mail! Though it was hard at first, strangely, I don’t miss it.

Tasks now have to be planned in advance. I keep a running list of things I need to get done online, then do them the next time I have access. Not too surprisingly, when I do have interent access I still tend to burn through too much time and not be productive. Thankfully that is now more “sporadic” and less “lifestyle,” like it used to be.

Even though my online time has taken a siginificant nosedive… I still don’t feel like I have much free time! Crazy. I wonder now where I ever found time to spend hours surfing the ‘net?

One thing I have done a lot more over the last three months has been READING. I have read LOTs of books. And my Bible reading has gone up as well.

In short: I feel more in control of this strange tool called the internet, less like it owns and controls me. So far there are no plans to go back.

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