10 Ways to Make More Time

clock A shortage of time has become a problem for me in attempting to maintain all the relationships and responsibilities in my life.  I imagine you face the same problem!  In order to create more space, here are 10 things I’ve tried, more or less successfully:

  1. Watch very few movies and TV shows
        e.g. around ten so far in 2010 (~ once per month)
  2. Cancel internet at my apartment
  3. Eat easy-to-prepare meals
        e.g. Like Taco Bell every day
        e.g. or make meals in advance and freeze them
  4. Become a school teacher to get summers off (among other reasons!)
  5. Cut down on driving time by:
        e.g. Moving closer to work
        e.g. Changing churches to one closeby (many advantages)
        e.g. Staying on the same side of town as family
  6. Eliminate most hobbies (I had too many)
  7. Live in an apartment versus house. Time advantages include:
        e.g. No maintenance
        e.g. No home improvement projects
        e.g. No lawn mowing
  8. Wake up earlier
  9. Consolidate activities
        e.g. Invite people with me out to lunch (Taco Bell)
        e.g. Listen to messages at work
        e.g. Go jogging for entertainment
  10. Reduce standard of living to where I would be OK on a part-time income

I’m really not as radical as this list might imply. But what other ideas do you have?  What do you find works for making more time?

4 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make More Time”

  1. I definitely like #4, although I can’t afford to have the whole summer off.
    I’m thinking and praying about doing #7.
    Less internet and movie time is definitely necessary for me.
    I like all of your ideas! (You must like Taco Bell. 🙂 )
    Sorry to say, I don’t have any other ideas. But less internet and movie time would help me a lot!

  2. well Mandy, another advantages to living in an apartment is you may get to know your neighbors better… at least I’ve found this to be true.

    with me the Internet is probably the biggest time waster – augh!

  3. That’s probably true…about getting to know neighbors better, that is.
    Since I made the previous comment the thought came to me that, if I stay in the house and get a roommate, it would be cheaper. Provided, she could pay half the rent and utilities, and we could share the yard upkeep. It wouldn’t necessarily save on time, but it would save on money. So I’ve been praying that the Lord will provide a roommate. We’ll see what the Lord does. 🙂

  4. This is kinda random, but I saw an interesting stat recently that said 21% of home purchases in 2009 was by single women, contrasted with 10% of home purchases the same year by unwed men.

    Anyways, my current rent is $485 and since I too have a roommate my monthly bill is half that.

    The important thing is to follow wherever God is leading, and it sounds like you have that attitude!

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