This Is What I Get Excited About

November 17th, 2010

In short: Incarnational Ministry Among the Poor

I first read this article about a month ago.  I got excited reading it!  It discusses Incarnational Ministry from a practical perspective. Though lengthy – and at least one of my friends found boring – it does lay down a thought out framework.

The author discusses Incarnational Ministry as a Model, a Method, a Message, and a Spiritual Discipline.

Ok, that was the post.  What follows next are rambling thoughts of mine sparked by the above article…
Nick’s Thoughts on Incarnational MissionsPDF Format

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  1. Aunt Betty Says:

    I was unable to read the article, but I understand (partly) your desire to follow wherever
    God calls or places you. God bless your heart in the desire to do God’s purpose.. a HUG from me to you.

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