The Dangerous and Beautiful God

Jay is a friend of mine.  He gave a message recently verbalizing a vision of the might and majesty of the God of the Bible and to help us understand better his awesomeness, his mightiness, his beauty, and his fierceness.  It’s really worth hearing, listen to it here.

If nothing else, listen to the first part where Jay draws a fascinating parallel between Timothy Treadwell, a man who didn’t have a healthy enough respect for grizzly bears, and us, who often don’t have a healthy enough respect for God.

Later in the message Jay talks about Jesus in a light we don’t commonly hear… and Jay proposes we take His words seriously, a concept I too am keen on:

Jesus said the institutions of culture we all commonly pursue in our daily lives as a matter of common sense – that we’re told, "This is just the way things are, and these are the things you should pursue: monetary stability, power, prestige, success in the workplace, climbing the corporate ladder, all these things," Jesus said they’re dead ends and He calls us to center ourselves and our life and all our choices in a realm of existence we can’t even see!

Isn’t that what being a Christian is all about? “Centering ourselves and our life and all our choices in a realm of existence we can’t even see”?

Sometimes we need to take a step back and ponder this Dangerous and Beautiful God whom we serve.  Jay helps us do so.

[audio:] Download Mp4 Here (35 mb)

Sharing Christmas Cheer (i.e. some recent articles)

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