Sharing Christmas Cheer (i.e. some recent articles)

Sparring With a Bell Ringer  Every day Will Miller tells a story from his life.  This post describes a run in he had with a bell ringer at the mall.  William is quick on his feet, quicker than I.  He explores the question, "Should we be giving out of guilt?" 

1 Simple Strategy to Save $2,000 This Holiday and Make Everyone Love You Forever  This in-your-face article is typical style for minimalist Everett Bogue.  Get ready to be offended.  He’s going to tell you we’re all materialistic pigs catering to the manipulations of greedy business and sappy sentimentalism.  Bah, humbug.  Fun read though.  I enjoy keeping up with his blog.

How Does Santa Do It All In One Night?  Ever wondered?  Wonder no more, this Saint Nick website does the math.  For geeks only.

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