Blizzard Ho in Kansas!

I’ve noticed that Things Change.

The temperature, for instance. Over the last few days in Wichita, we have had:

  • 69 degree weather (Saturday)
  • 40 degree weather (Sunday)
  • 24 degree weather (Monday)
  • 7 degree weather (Today)

Today is a blizzard. Outside it feels perhaps the coldest I can remember. Howling 40 mph winds are churning snow to powder, driving it through the air.

Even with two pairs of gloves, my hands were still hurting by the time I reached my Jeep when I went out for lunch today. Then, getting said Jeep out of its parking stall was a chore. Even in 4WD I had to rock the vehicle back and forth several times to get free. Of course, it would have been easier if I hadn’t parked in a giant snow drift that had looked fun to drive into this morning (and was).

Travelling along the road up to Wendy’s, conditions were white-out at times. I was surprised by a flashing ambulance when it unexpectedly appeared directly in front of me out of the blinding white.

Pulling into the drive-thru (where I again nearly got stuck, saved again by 4WD) I felt as if I were in the movie The Day After Tomorrow. Rolling down the window to accept my food, snow began pouring in along with howling wind. Handing me my Chocolate Frosty, the Wendy’s lady was incredulous I had chosen that item on a day like this. Yelling over the hurricane-like roar I calmly assured her it was only fitting considering how “frosty” it was outside.

Stopped at a red light next to a sports car on the way back, I looked over and saw there was only one person in the car, a lady. Nothing wierd yet, but then I took a double take as I realized she was in the passengers seat! My first thought was, “Of all the days to pull a stunt like driving your car from the passenger seat, you sure picked a hazardus one.” Upon closer inspection I realized there was a steering wheel in front of her, it was a right hand car. Oh.

Trudging back across the parking lot to the office the wind bit into my face, nearly numbing it by the time I reached the door. There were snow drifts higher than my head at the entrance.

Yes, things change. Three days ago I was out jogging in shorts and t-shirts on a bright, sunny, upper 60s degree day.

I’ll post more thoughts on change Thursday. Watch out Obama.

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