Meantime, Back at the Ranch

I notice there has been a dearth of content on this blog as of late.  What’s happened? 

The answer is I’ve had plenty of ideas to blog about, but been too busy to write them.  Too pre-occupied.

Most people, when they get pre-occupied, raise suspicion by acting pre-occupied.  Which, come to think of it, I have been doing.

For instance, this last week I’ve locked my keys in my car three times.  The first time I used the hidden key to unlock the doors, and I even remembered to put the hidden key back.  The second time I also used the hidden key, but forgot to put the hidden key back. 

So the third time I locked myself out, I was really stuck.  And as fortune would have it, I was at the Laundromat about 11 o’clock at night when this happened.  I didn’t want to bother anyone to come get me that late…  and since the Laundromat is only about a ten minute walk from my apartment and I hadn’t exercised that day yet, I hiked.

Since I currently own two vehicles, I drove my spare around the next day, leaving my locked one up at the Laundromat.  The bad thing is, my spare vehicle was locked up too so for awhile I was scratching my head wondering how I was going to break into it.  Fortunately, I remembered I had a hidden key for that one also – wiled away in a very secretively greasy location.

SO I called a lock smith and they quoted me $55 to unlock my door.  Were they nuts?  I wasn’t going to pay that kinda money for such an easy job.  Don’t they do it on TV all the time? How hard can it be?

Returning to El Laundromat with impudence and a Slim Jim, I attempted to break into my own vehicle in the parking lot.  Instead, I cut my finger, messed up the weather stripping, and got some strange looks. 

Breaking into a car is harder than it looks.  After further research online regarding the hidden arts of auto break-in, I returned and… amazingly unlocked the door in no time.  Neat, I’m getting better.  And I straightened out the weather stripping too, so all is well.  If I hadn’t been able to get it, my friend Danny assured me he knew more tricks vis-a-vis coat hangers.

My initial point was that most people raise suspicion by acting pre-occupied, but in my case I also raise suspicion by 1) breaking into my own car and 2) even when I do nothing.  To wit, I’ve been approached by several people lately asking me what was "going on" as I’ve been silent on my blog the last couple weeks.

So, changing the subject, I have 3 posts started and ideas for several more floating around, so stay tuned.  Will try to post again by next Wednesday.