My Life Summarized By a 5-Year Old

My friend Naomi gave me this thoughtful letter. I added her explanations on the side:


The question is, “What will the scribble become?”

Perhaps there are clues in the picture that would help answer that question?

I see two stick figures amongst the scribble, does that portend something of note?

It appears they are both praying in a cemetary with a cross over their heads and a gate in the background. What does it all mean?

And is one of the stick figures female? Hard to tell.

‘Twas 111 Degrees Yesterday. Let’s Remember Cold.

Hunting_Andale_Ks_Snow Kansas Bird Hunting

ice_trees_cropped Icy Trees Along the Talimena Scenic Drive

my_tent Cold Weather Camping (in the backyard)

frozen_nalgene_bottle Another Very Cold Campout

dr_livingston_i_presumejoe_snow The Abominable Snowman Revealed (on the right)

In the drinkCold Weather Swimming. Do I Look Cold?

nick_hunting I Was Colder Here.

And More Cold Pictures from Flickr

South Pole Sunrise Mt. Rainer National Park, Washington State

Hochfügen, Igloo Session A Cool Guy in the Snow

I've been keeping my eyes wide open I Think She’s Dreaming of a White Christmas…

Ramsbottom Living Nativity 201209A Live Nativity!

Are they Singing, “Joy To the World,” or, “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow”?

Igloo Dusk A Nice Cool Spot

Comparison Chart of the Hevenly Signs Described in the Bible regarding the Sun, Moon and Stars

I’ve been trying to figure out where the prophecies in Matthew 24 fit into the flow of end times prophecy in general.  I had a hunch the bit about the “signs in the heavens” might yield a clue.

Therefore, I put together this little chart.  Perhaps someone besi>des myself will find it useful too:

Comparison of Heavenly Signs in the Bible

Download the XLS

Download the compilation of verses in PDF format