Life Continues

I’m in the office checking my e-mail.  Thought I’d write a short blurb on here as well.

I’m still at camp… this week I’m working as a Lifeguard.  It’s cool because last week I got Red Cross certified for Lifeguard (as well as updated my Red Cross certifications in First Aid, CPR, and AED).

This morning us lifeguards did a thorough clean-up of the pool area.  I swam around with this underwater vacuum sweeper machine which was fun.  Since it doesn’t pick up the big leaves I had to dive down for those.

I’m noticing camp life is unlike the real world.  Or maybe I should say the real world is unlike camp life.  Living here is like living in a large family, or maybe like living on a commune?  Everyone chips in to help.  Each day we all wear many hats, though everyone gets to wear the janitorial hat. I’ve cleaned so many bathrooms in the last month I’ve lost count. 

I’ve been given responsibility and freedom here and I’m noticing how I’m beginning to feel a sense of ownership with this place.

What I appreciate most about camp life is all the people around.  I go to sleep with a bunch of guys around;  I wake up with a bunch of guys around.  I eat lunch with staff; I work with staff.  And us staff do do lots of diverse work together too.  For instance, with some of the same people I’ve worked counselling kids together, worked on cleaning cabins together, worked in the kitchen together, prayed together, worked as lifeguards together, had a food eating contest together, listened through dozens of sermons together, ate together, and been tired and stressed out together.  I’m beginning to feel camaraderie with the staff, even though most I still don’t know very well.

I think it would be fun to live like this in real life instead of everyone being so isolated.  It is very encouraging here.  Even the way we start out our day is encouraging: This morning for instance I attended a small group Bible Study at 6:45am and then all staff prayer at 7:30. Breakfast was at 8 and I didn’t have to do any work to prepare it! It was also delicious: breakfast burritos and cinnamon rolls.

Well, I’ve gotta get off the computer now, there’s work I’m supposed to be doing. Right now I need to go put a tire back on my Jeep… it was flat from a nail being in it and our maintenance person just got back from town where he had it fixed.

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  1. Good to hear that you’ve found a productive and fun way to spend some of the summer. As we talked about the other day, I can certainly relate to some of the feelings of camraderie and experiencing a lot of differrent things with a group of people from my time in the Army. It IS nice and must be even nicer for you since you also have the spiritual side to it as well.

    I hope you continue enjoying your pool side fun! How has the weather been?

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