To Inf-haiti and Beyond

I’m in the Chicago airport.  Turns out they have 20 minutes of internet here for free.  And more internet if you want to pay for it.

On a serious note, at times recently I’ve wondered if this trip to Hispaniola was all my initiative or if God was in it at all?

On my flight here to Chicago I felt some confirmation God was in something because my seat was next to an Indian man who seemed to be seeking after God, the only one I noticed on the plane.  Not the only one seeking after God, but the only Indian. 

When I first sat down I realized I should probably talk to him (figuring this might be all providential, etc) but no sooner had I sat down next to him that I fell fast asleep. But after awhile I woke up and thought to myself, “Hey? is this airplane ever going to get off the ground or what?” and then realized we were flying and deduced (from a mental inspection of my watch) we probably had been quite awhile.

Long story short, this fellow was a really nice engineer heading up for a job interview in Ohio.  Of course I suspected he was an engineer right off the bat by the way he had his shirt tucked into his blue jeans.

The two of us ended up having an interesting chat. Turns out he had been reading his Bible but didn’t understand it, particularly the structure.  As fortune would smile, I so happened to have a handout sheet right with me that clearly laid out the structure of all the books of the Bible by category and date.  It was in the same folder as my boarding pass.

Since he had been reading from Genesis I went from there to go on and explain the basic message of the Bible to him, commonly known as the gospel (the good news).  He was very interested and seemed to understand everything I said.  Later we got into talking about the exclusivity of the Bible which can be a touchy subject, but that went ok.

We also discussed other sundry topics such as how gravity and magnetism work.  Neither of us knew, though I have a theory (which he didn’t buy).  He told me about once visiting this crazy place in South Dakota where there’s a gravitational anomaly.  Apparently when you walk into this “zone” everything tilts 45 degrees and you even stand crooked.  He said it was disorienting.  I didn’t tell him I’d been to an equally disturbing place at Silver Dollar City called the Tom Sawyer Exhibit.

So now I’m tired and going to head toward bed.  I’m more worried about oversleeping and missing my flight than I am about not being able to sleep.  I found this perfect spot that has just the right mixture of cozy comforts of home mixed to soft jazz and a spectacular view of the taxiway.

Good night.

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