Blessed With a Burden

Megan has lived in Haiti for a year or so – she just wrote a blog piece about a child from the same orphanage I recently visited for ten days.  Her passion comes out better than if I tried writing so I’m linking it here.  Some of the things she writes are just how I feel too…  hearing about exploitation and seeing it firsthand are two separate things.  The latter makes me angry and want to do something.  But what?

I didn’t get to meet Megan while in Haiti – had a chance to one day but it was hectic and didn’t work out.  I remember that day feeling it would be best I stayed with the kids.

Here’s the link: Where’s Gabriel

One thought on “Blessed With a Burden”

  1. Oh Nick. When I read this it literally makes me sick. I just don’t understand. You add to that the ridiculous stipulations for adopting a child in Haiti and it is a recipe for disaster:

    “The Haitian government has some rules and regulations adoptive families must meet. Haiti will allow single women between the ages of 35 and 50 to adopt children. Married couples are also encouraged to adopt children from Haiti, but one of the adoptive parents must be be between the ages of 35 and 50, must have been married for at least 10 years, and can have no more than 2 biological children living in the home at the time they apply for this program. Families that do not meet these guidelines may also be considered, but must have WIA apply for pre-approval on their behalf before they can be accepted in to this program.”

    It makes me want to just bring these kids home with me. Seriously. It is sickening to realize that although many may be interested in doing so, they are not permitted due to ridiculous regulations.

    Thank you for pointing me to Megan’s blog. *sigh

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