London, England

I had a long layover in Heathrow so went downtown to explore.  Here are a few pics… 

This is the train station in Central London:

Train Station

Seemed like everyone was either out walking or riding their bikes:

People Walking in Central London


I wanted to try making the guards at Buckingham Palace laugh but couldn’t get close enough to try.

Guard at Buckingham Palace

Guard at Buckingham Palace 2

Hyde Park:

Biker in Hyde Park

Big Ben.  I remembered Big Ben from last time I saw it (when I was three years old).  Yes, my memory is amazing.

Big Ben

I thought “Mounties” were Canadian, but I saw them in London too…


2 thoughts on “London, England”

  1. I like the black and white. I like how the curves of the street and wall lead your eye directly down toward the bus which really pops your attention! The vertical lines of the street poles add some tension. This would be a really great composition for a movie shot!

  2. Ooo, what fun!!
    On my way to Kenya, back in ’02, I had a long lay-over in London too. I did some sight seeing, but didn’t get too adventerous: I was barely 19, it was my first over-seas trip (second time, ever, traveling alone), I had never traveled by sub-way system, was afraid of getting lost, etc.
    But, after a great debate with my fears, I decided to go into town. If I remember right, I went to Circus Square (as straight a shot from Heathrow as possible), the Palace, and just walked around, window shopping. It was a blast, but I was SO scared I would get lost and miss my flight. 🙂

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