Neve Shalom-More Historic Than the White House?

I was told of a 2 day Bible conference being held in Neve Shalom this weekend.  I’m planning on going, leaving tomorrow after work.

Neve Shalom is a small community about 25km West of Jerusalem. 

Do you know where Neve Shalom is?  Neither did I, but the history in the area is quite fascinating.

Located at the Bab el-Wad pass, a pass famous for being a choke point of the Tel-Aviv/Jerusalem road.  In the 1947 war the Arabs controlled the pass – occupying the Latrun Monastery located on top of the same hill Neve Shalom is on. From the Monastery they could shell the road and stop all relief traffic into Jerusalem.

After several failed attempts at taking the hill, Israel built a diversionary road around Latrun called the Burma Road, the beginning of which is close by Neve Shalom.

Going back in history a little, Neve Shalom is right by Emmaus Nicopolis, the presumed site where Jesus walked with his two disciples after resurrecting.  Luke records the three of them walked outside Jerusalem 160 stadia (about 27 kilometers), right by Neve Shalom!

I saw online there are ancient ruins of a church built over the presumed site of ancient Emmaus so I’m planning to try finding them tomorrow on the way.

Weird, right before I came to Israel I visited Emmaus Bible College, and now I’m visiting the ORIGINAL Emmaus for a Bible Retreat!  Going full circle.

But back even further, this is also the same place Joshua had a battle against the Amorites (Joshua 10) and the sun stood still for a day.

Of course, that’s not all.  This is also the site of a pivotal battle in the Maccabean Revolt – Not to mention the ruins of a 12th century Templar Temple are here – And let’s throw in a modern day Tank Museum, a War Memorial, and Park “Canda,” known for fresh springs…  Oh, there are also free concerts on Saturday’s in the Latrun Monastery, which is also open to the public.  The monastery is operated by French Trappist Monks.

If all that isn’t exotic enough, the name of Latrun is thought to have originated from the name of the good thief on the cross. That’s also the name of the Bus stop I have to get off at.

Anyways, that’s all tomorrow afternoon…  After I feed the cows beginning at 5am in the morning.  So good night.

One thought on “Neve Shalom-More Historic Than the White House?”

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of notable events for one location/area.
    Funny thing: I’m currently reading through the book of Joshua; I read the account of the battle against the Amorites just a couple days ago. If you get any pictures of the location, I’d love to see them!!!

    God never ceases to amaze me!!!
    How He works, the intricate details He ties together and reveals, the preservation of His people/land/History… It’s intriguing, exciting, and humbling, all at the same time. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear about the Bible Conference.

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