Not Enough Time (energy?) to Blog Correctly

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My.

Sorry for the dearth of content recently.  It’s not because things aren’t happening, they are.  So many things, yet not enough time to write them. 

I have a mental list going of things I want to write about (like part of a cows tail that got disconnected from the other part of its’ tail), but either due to laziness or what have you, my blogging is getting “back-burner-ized.”  Oh well.

This upcoming weekend (tomorrow through Sunday) I’m planning to go tent camping with my friend Tomasz around the town of En Gedi (by the Dead Sea).  It should be fun, particularly if the weather cooperates.  Right now the weather-men (women?) are predicting cold temps with rain possible – yet this wouldn’t be the first campout I’ve been on with rain.

The conference last weekend (by Emmaus) was great. 

I did get to tour around the ancient ruins of the Emmaus area, but can’t post pictures because the sign at the ruins said not to without permission.  I think the sign also said something about food and beverages, but I did mange to “break bread” (ok, a cracker) at the site and chased it down with a spot of wine (ok, water) in commemoration of the Lord breaking bread in Emmaus with his two disciples after resurrecting.  I might have also crawled into a 1st century Jewish tomb (which may or may not have been kosher). 

The tomb was perhaps the coolest thing I’ve seen in Israel so far.  I felt like Indiana Jones (except there were no bodies anymore, just pools of water the size of humans).

2 thoughts on “Not Enough Time (energy?) to Blog Correctly”

  1. I understand your busy times! Yet, I usually check each day to see if you have more to say… What is your address there? Naomi has some things she wants to send you…

  2. Hey Danny, thanks for checking in. I’m looking forward to hanging out again and talking when I get home. Sorry I have been so bad about communicating!

    That would be great if Naomi were to send me something, she is one of my favoritest little girls, please tell her “hi” for me!

    Volunteer Nick
    Kibbutz Nir-Oz
    D.N. Negev 85122

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