From Venice, Much Thanks to Everyone for the Birthday Well-Wishes!

I’ve been receiving Happy Birthday notes throughout today via e-mail and Facebook – some short, some lengthy.  Just want to say, “Thank you!” to all for helping make this #29 special, even though I’m overseas.

Was blessed to get to spend this birthday in Venice, Italy.  Had one full layover day here before heading onwards to Indonesia tomorrow morning.

So today was spent enjoying the sights of Venice… luckily I didn’t have to do it alone but joined with some other backpacker travelers I met at my hostel (a Filipino, a Mexican, and an Argentinian!).  It was definitely a unique, interesting, and memorable day. 

As fun as Venice was, I think just having a cookout back at Mom and Dad’s house with family (and perhaps some chocolate birthday cake as well) would have been more fun.  But hey, you take what you can, eh?

Here are several pictures from today:

Boats in Venice

Live Music in Venice

Bridge in Venice

Venice Canal

Nick in Venice Italy

3 thoughts on “From Venice, Much Thanks to Everyone for the Birthday Well-Wishes!”

  1. Awesome!!!
    Totally makes me think of the movie, The Italian Job. 🙂 (it’s one of my favorites)

  2. Krista, yes, I am slowly making my way home now, will perhaps be back later this summer. And Venice was really cool, maybe you can go someday! Amanda, the Fillipino guy I was with in Venice kept talking about The Italian Job movie too. Guess I’ll have to watch it someday.

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