Teen Week Counseling Update

So I don’t have time to write an update so I’m not going to.

Except to say Week 1 of camp went by quickly, and is now over.  And true to prediction, I am now officially sleep deprived and worn out.  But, it starts all over again tomorrow!

So I didn’t use e-mail or phone this whole past week.  Now I’m back in the land of the moderns in Jeff City, but only for a few hours before heading back to booney-ville.

I think everyone was inspired to seek God more through the course of this past week.  I know I was, at least. 

The counselor business was tiring: There were ups and downs, some stressful issues, some (slight) injuries, but fortunately for me, at least a well-behaved cabin.

Tons of fun was had, most the time.  Highlights for me include the laughter and humor I shared with guys in my cabin and also seeing hearts and attitudes soften throughout the week as a result of what they were hearing and thinking about.  It was a serious week.

Satan was busy, of course, starting with a lightning strike last Sunday, hitting a tree with several staff underneath, who fortunately were ok, though one had ringing in his ears.  Splinters of the tree were thrown up to 60’ away (I measured).  The bolt knocked out the camps PA system, which was never fixed and caused scheduling annoyances as a result.  Then a main water line broke which shut off water for most of one day. 

Moreover, at times I could almost see Satan picking away the “Word of God” seeds being sown.  But, Satan try his worst, there was still plenty of good done.

So tomorrow starts a week of Wilderness Camp, which I’m scheduled to be a leader on. 

Heads up for another brief update next weekend!

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