Goals for this 10-Day Trip to Haiti


Today I’m heading off to Port-au Prince, Haiti.  Should be back next Friday.

Goals for this trip include:

  1. Trying to find and meet with various children from the now-defunct Son of God orphanage to see how they are doing and encourage them in some way.
  2. Meet with two organizations that work with Street Kids (Child Hope and St. Joseph’s Home for boys) to learn more about how they operate and better understand their unique challenges.
  3. Visit Heartline Ministries, where I’m pursuing a volunteering position starting this upcoming December.
  4. Spend time with a local pastor (Watson) to better understand his ministry and learn more about the spiritual climate in Haiti.
  5. Be flexible to learn or do whatever God might have for me!

While the goals are worthwhile, all of them are relational and intellectual in nature, not leaving behind a tangible result in the way a construction project would, for example.  My hope is to learn some important things and deepen some relationships.

This will be my third time to visit Haiti, yet I still find it an intimidating place.  It’s true I’ve wandered around Israel, Ethiopia, Kenya, and a few other spots outside America by myself, but Haiti is in a class of its own.  I feel more comfortable hopping on a Motatu in Addis than a tap-tap in Port-au Prince, but in reality there’s probably not much difference. Perhaps the congestion in Haiti’s capital is what makes it seem worse.

The extreme poverty does play a role in the intimidation factor… Fox Business News recently ranked Haiti as the #1 poorest country in the world.  Despite being impoverished, it is not a cheap place to visit!  Think I could do a Caribbean cruise for less money.

I checked the 10-day weather forecast for Port-au Prince and every day the highs are predicted for the mid-90s.  Welcome back, summer…!

Would appreciate prayers for wisdom and guidance. 

Also am hoping to find the boy in the picture below.  His name is Job, and I’m concerned about him and his sister.

Job and Nick

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