Obama Won, Grab Your Water Pistols and Head for the Hills!

While many were downcast by the election results, others were thrilled.  Among the latter… Popular Science Magazine. 

Here is a quote from their Wednesday article:

What a relief, many of us thought this morning. We re-elected a president who supports public funding for research (truthfully, public funding for anything). We re-elected a president who acknowledges the reality of climate change….

…[bla bla bla]…

The writers and editors of Popular Science

I like Popular Science, but isn’t it telling how the reason they appreciate Obama so much is because he hands out public money so liberally?

Limbaugh says, “It’s very difficult to win against Santa Claus… In a country of children where the option is Santa Claus or work, what wins?”

I guess Santa Claus wins.

At least among Independents (who Romney regrettably tried so hard to court), single women (70%), Catholics (50%), and – what’s this??

Exit polls say 21% (over 6 million) of born again, white, evangelical Christians voters also cast a ballot for Obama. 

This is surprising to me as Obama’s liberal stance on moral issues are so far against Biblical values.  Not sure what to make of it. 

Well, it’s best not to take ourselves, or this world, too seriously.  Sometimes we need to take time off for silliness.  The sky may be falling, but it hasn’t hit me yet.

In the picture below I am being silly, demonstrating one of my more nascent moves to brothers Joe and Luke, to their bemusement.

Showing Off My Kung Fu Skills

Ok, back to election coverage.  Take a gander at this map:


It appears the “sea to shining sea” voted Obama, while the “amber waves of grain” voted Romney.  Nevertheless, I predict as the Republic party drifts further from stances on morality, godliness, and conservatism, someday New York and California may begin voting Republican too. 

To Vote, or Not to Vote?

What should we do when neither party wholly represents our values?  Vote for the best of the two options?  That’s fine, but has anyone else noticed that each election there seems to be more the honest Christian has to swallow?  For me, both the last election (McCain) and this one were struggles, and this time I just wrote in an alternative candidate. 

There is a lot of talk about how abstaining from voting in the Presidential election, or writing someone in who has no chance of winning, is a waste of ones vote.  But my reasoning is that if I voted in the primary for who I wanted, and my candidate didn’t win, then I have already lost, and am let off the hook for later supporting a candidate I don’t fully support.

Nevertheless, my one-off voice of dissension didn’t appear to change the Kansas outcome, as a glance at the map above for Kansas reveals.

The Silver Lining

In important matters, such as Wichita adding fluoride to our city’s water supply, my proud “No” against that initiative appeared to carry more weight, seeing as that insidious pork bill to poison us all was solidly trounced.  “Let freedom reign,” I say.

I See our Future, and the Word “Debt” Looms Large

What does it mean to have another 4 years of Obama?  Most likely we will get new supreme court judges which lean toward the left.  And most likely we will get more debt (though I can’t say either of these results would have been significantly different with Romney).

One estimate I saw forecasted the 2016 debt to rise to 22 trillion, up from 16 trillion now.  Taking into consideration we are spending over a trillion more annually than making from taxes, that’s going to take a long time to pay off!

Not to mention, according to this site, our total unfunded liabilities from social security (16 trillion), prescription drugs (21 trillion), and Medicare (84 trillion) sum to another 121 trillion dollars of bills coming down the pike we don’t have the money for.  What does it all mean?  I shouldn’t wonder it means the feared Teotwawki (the end of the world as we know it).

Not that all our financial woes are Obama’s fault, but I’m dubious borrowing our way back into prosperity, as his method seems to be, is likely to work.

At the same time, while our 16 trillion dollar public debt sounds like a lot for the feds to have blown through on credit, it’s revealing our private debt is about the same.  Yep, between home mortgages, student loans, and credit cards, we the people are in the hole some 15.8 trillion!  It’s like I always say, government is but a reflection of the people.

You can quote me on this: “I predict someday America will have to tighten its belt.”

But for now, I’m moving to Haiti where they’ve already tightened their belt and the national debt is a measly 1 billion.  Not to mention that country is practically awash in money from the 11 billion pledged after the earthquake (just kidding, all that money mysteriously disappeared).

The Bottom Line

Ahh, the end of the matter is that America is still a great country, in my humble opinion, and I feel proud to have been part of the election process, and to have seen all the red, white, and blue flags gallantly waving, and to get my “I Voted” sticker, and to sit up late watching the results come in on TV, and to contradict the political analysts on said TV with my own pointedly insightful comments around mouthfuls of “triple-bypass-blast-O-butter” popcorn, only available in America!

One thought on “Obama Won, Grab Your Water Pistols and Head for the Hills!”

  1. 🙂
    Sometimes I think to myself (concerning our national budget/debt), “let me have a go at it; I’ll clean it up in a heartbeat”. Or, in the midst of a fit of frustration, I decide to join the political ranks, work my way up, and to try to “make a difference.” I’ve even considered moving to a not-so-conservative state, in hopes of changing the temperature of that local culture.

    Political times are fickle and uncertain for sure.

    Without a moment’s wavering, though, my soul, my hope, my joy, my confidence rests in the arms of my God. Come what may, there I will stay. Ps 64:5-8

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