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My co-workers Ryan & Melissa are back in the States this week.  I drove them to the airport this morning.  Then my co-worker Barry went back to the States on Wednesday.  He’s now Facebooking pictures of snow from out the window of his 3,000-story hotel in New York City.

I was trying to remember what it was like back in America, back in the States.  Today I drove close to 4 hours around Port-au Prince and that wasn’t an un-typical day.  I haven’t been here long, but already my brain seems to filter out most the smog and litter and garbage and general mayhem.  Something has to be pretty unusual to grab my attention.  Like when those two people passed me today on a moto with the rear passenger having tucked under his arms the end of two looong wooden 2×4’s, letting the other ends drag way behind along the ground.  And they weren’t going particularly slow… passing me at perhaps 30mph.

I’ve always wanted to roller-blade behind a car.  You know, tie a rope to the rear bumper and have a friend drive while I skate behind holding on like water skiing?  I‘m thinking Haiti would be a good place to practice this without anyone telling me different.

The lack of road rules may even be wearing off on the UN. I thought this after seeing one of their massive trucks roll by with a cardboard box atop and, instead of it being properly fastened with a strap, a soldier was precariously balanced on high, leaning at a dangerous angle and holding the box from falling out while they drove through traffic.  Didn’t look safe, or what I imagined would be per official Policies & Procedures for safe cargo transport.

So anyways, I was trying to remember what the States looked like.  To that effect I pulled up my road trip pictures from 2011.  This did jog my memory.

Since I’ve never posted my State signs collection from that trip, I thought now would be a good time to pay tribute to what some of our wonderful States look like.  At least what their wonderful entry signs look like.  Though granted, the scenery and signs are marred by my presence in the foregrounds, backgrounds, and sidegrounds.

Nebraska (the Good Life) but No one Lives There to Enjoy it South Dakota

Wyoming Forever West (and Forever Freezing)  Idaho (Land of a Thousand Potatos) Look, here's one now!

Utah (Life Elevated) Arizona - (Grand Canyon State, Been There, Done That)

California Dreamin' Washington (The Evergreen State)

New Mexico (Land of Enchantment) and two-headed tourists Nevada

Texas (Where Everything is Bigger, Even their Signs) Oregon (Home of my Brother) Yipee!

Perhaps these pictures prove I was too bored on that trip…

Hoping the next “Grand American Road Trip Adventure” will be with someone more entertaining than myself!

3 thoughts on “Remember the States”

  1. “Drive friendly – the Texas Way” … That makes me laugh. Much as I love my state, I’m not sure that the driving I see (at least, not in my town, especially when the students are around) could be called “friendly”. Still, it’s a nice thought 🙂

  2. Beth, that Texas state sign photo was a bit of a trick shot. I’m standing about 50 yards behind the sign to make it appear much larger than it is.

    Most Texans have been friendly to me, when I’ve visited.

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