Wedding Cake

Tomorrow there is a wedding.  Today I was given the job to drive the wedding cake to the church location. I don’t know much about Haitian weddings, but heard that the cake is a big deal. 

Toward that end, this morning I meandered over to the Women’s Center kitchen to watch the skilled Heartline ladies finish icing said cake, surreptitiously snapping photos of them at work (all photos taken with my cheapo cell phone camera):

Starting the IcingMaking the Cakes

The cake was 3-tier and quite impressive.  Here is a picture I took after the icing was finished, still at the Women’s Center:


Next, the three pieces of cake were carefully transported into Beth’s pickup (in the cab).  The drive out was about an hour each way and besides the cake and other wedding paraphernalia, we also had four Haitian ladies and myself all in the four-door cab.  They didn’t put anything in the bed, guess it was too dirty back there for wedding shtuph.

After arriving in Kenai, a dusty shanty looking community where many previous tent-city dwellers have been relocated into better housing, the cake was carefully carried into the bridal suite (a plywood structure converted as such for the occasion).

 Unpacking on Location

In the following picture you can see the base of the cake has been carefully set down on the table, as well as the top of the cake. 

However, the middle piece was still being carefully held by an unnamed person. 

Moments after this picture was taken, disaster struck…

Moments Before Disaster Struck



Yep, I saw it happen right under my nose, the cake just flopped out of her hand and landed ker-plop on the cement floor!

What is left after scraping it off the floor:

The Middle Section

After the shock wore off and the ladies recovered from their heart attacks (even I may have covered my mouth in dismay) they tried seeing what the cake might look like demoted to the rank of “two-tier.”  

I thought it looked great, who needs thee levels anyways?  Overkill. 

Two-Tier Cake

Then, to my surprise, they went ahead and attempted to fix the remnants of the ruined one!  I was wondering about germs and all from the concrete floor, but guess if we’re following the 3-minute rule it was probably still OK. 

Their skill reminded me of that part in Ernest Goes to Jail where Ernest whittles a machine gun out of a bar of soap.

With patience and ingenuity, they contrived the following:

GrossFixing ItGood as New

Despite how traumatic it was for the ladies at the moment it happened, I was glad to see the bride-to-be at least appeared unperturbed. Later, on the ride back to town, the humor of the situation set in and I was regaled with peals of laughter from the back seat. 

The only girl who never seemed to snap from her deep funk was the one who dropped it (sitting )next to me in the front seat). 

But, I won’t reveal her name Smile

Below is a picture of where the wedding will take place tomorrow. 


The bride-to-be is on the left wearing white. I only met her today, but was impressed at how pleasant and nice a lady she seemed.

An interesting factoid is that after the earthquake one of her legs had to be amputated and she now has a prosthetic, but appears to get around pretty well regardless!

5 thoughts on “Wedding Cake”

  1. I have to make sure my mom sees this!!!! Fortunately, I don’t think she ever actually had a cake layer destroyed. 😉 Great pictures. 🙂

  2. Toppling cake account; “gasp” <=o
    I've been involved in enough weddings and receptions that… I get this; both the tragedy and the hilarity.
    I applaud the ladies for their adjustments!!

    It made me laugh that you referenced Ernest Goes to Jail. 🙂 I've not seen that one, but Ernest Goes to Camp is my one of my all time favorites. 😀
    Ha ha ha… good memories; I may need to go rent and re-watch that.

  3. Disaster into delight. All turned out well.. you write a funny rendition of the day.

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