This is Eternal Life

“This is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.”

Do you know God? Do I know God? Does knowing Him change us?

Do we listen for his voice? Do we hear it? Does it lead us into righteousness?

‘Cus let me tell you, sometimes we really need to hear from the Lord and it’s nice to be close to him already when we do.

Before this verse, Jesus said, “When [The Holy Spirit] comes, he will prove the world wrong about sin and righteousness and judgment.”

Men think sin is good. It isn’t. I’m sitting in the airport and just looked through a bookstand and a #1 New York Times Bestseller caught my eye: I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. It’s an autobiography. The author has this to say about himself on the back, “My name is Tucker Max, and I am an *hole. I get excessively drunk at inappropriate times, disregard social norms, indulge every whim, ignore the consequences of my actions… sleep with more women than is safe or reasonable, and just generally act like a raging d*head. But I do contribute to humanity in one very important way: I share my adventures with the world.”

I opened up to a random page and after reading a few paragraphs wanted to barf.  This is New York Times #1 Bestseller material?

For the record, I hate worldliness. I hate sin. I hate compromise. Am I often worldly? Have I often sinned? Have I compromised? Yes. Yes. Yes. But, for the record, I hate it.

At the end of my life I don’t want to be remembered as someone who hugged the line of indulgence, but rather someone who pressed into the Lord. Like Jim Elliot, George Mueller, or King David.

Unfortunately, it’s so hard to spot worldliness, sin, and compromise in myself…

I’m in Curacao writing this on my phone after reading my Bible a bit (hence the thoughts above). There is a man sitting closeby (Haitian?) talking to a stranger about God. He has also been playing hymns on his harmonica for us in this crowded waiting room. The last song he played was To God Be The Glory.

People may think this man is dumb, silly, or obnoxious, but who knows? He may be closer to truth and God than anyone else here, I’m wondering.

Being “odd” for odds sake is no good, but I do think genuine Christ followers are going to look odd too.

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  1. Nick- as it turns out, your post about the difficulty of getting change in Haiti led me to read a few of your other posts. I just wanted to say thanks for your writing, honesty and genuine heart for God and righteousness.. I’ve been encouraged by your words; you have a gift. So keep writing, keep living faithfully, and be encouraged that you are touching others through your life. Many blessings to you and your doughboys!

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