The Sea and Her Moods

Standing by the ocean watching a massive, awe-inspiring thundercloud approaching offshore, shooting lightning across the night sky, silhouetting the island Loganave, and blotting out half the stars in inky black.

But above me is cloudless… the moon’s light behind reflecting a silvery, ghostly sheen upon the ocean, its frothy waves being kicked up by the fresh, wild  breeze scudding in front of the storm. The wind and salt spray feel cool against my skin.

Seeing the ocean in her various moods is one special perk of living so close to the beach (about a two minutes walk).

Yesterday morning, before the weather described above developed, I did exploring up the coast with a local boy who explained “all” to me as we went along.

Many individuals own small sections of private beachfront property and our walk took us directly across each one. My new friend assured me it was fine because 1) no one was home and 2) he was friends with all the security guards (and most didn’t have guards anyways).

At each beach we would cross my new friend would tell me something about the owners: this guy lives in Port-au Prince, this guy lives in New Jersey, this guy has dogs, this guy just slovenly lays around in his hammock eatung, this one has a big tattoo, etc.

At one particularly scenic beach I asked him if he went swimming there. “Yes,” he said, and pulled up his shorts to show a scar on his leg, “From that rock over there,” he pointed. Adding, “This place is dangerous.”

One house was imposing like a castle and obviously owned by someone rich. We climbed up the stairs to the ramparts above, all the while my boy calling out for the security guard (whom I was assured was a special friend of his). We never saw the guard, the speculation being he was either asleep somewhere or else in town visiting his girlfriend. The property was amazing: an imposing wooden deck overlooking the ocean, a swimming pool and tall waterfall coming off the pool, etc. Some people have money in Haiti.

Anyways, here is a picture of my local guide and the scenery.


I like the ocean 🙂  Sometimes she is peaceful and placid, other times wild and stormy. Yesterday I saw her in both moods.

Yesterday I felt God’s beauty  reflected in the calm blue waters by day, and His power reflected in the flashing, awesome storm by night.

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