My new schedule includes starting each day with a jog and and then jumping in the ocean afterwards. This morning the water was perfectly calm and crystal clear right up to the waters edge (usually the waves make the water up close dirty) so I decided to get out my snorkeling gear and take an underwater exploratory swim of the area (why hadn’t I done this before?).

Little did I know there is a tropical reef right off my beach!
Yeah, and it’s really quite beautiful, I thought. It felt like a special gift from God to discover this treasure I’ve been living next to unawares.

Fact is, it was more than fun, perhaps delicious is the right word (my new favorite adjective)? To soar among the bright fish and multi-colored coral, to touch the wavy tendrils of the who-knows-what you’re probably not supposed to touch, to avoid those spiky sea urchin thingys that want to stick you, to dive down amongst the crevices, to in general have a fun time exploring an underwater fantasia-wonderland.

My favorite view is at the edge of the reef where the bright coral ends and the ocean plunges to the depths. The bottom can’t be seen, only ever-changing iridescent hues of blue with penetrating sun-rays happily dancing towards the interminable deep.

If anyone wants to come visit someday, I have an extra mask. Though it’s probably not as amazing as I make it out to be. I’m more easily entertained than most. After an hour or two of swimming I was beat and ready to call it quits myself.

But still, after one is surrounded by dirty and trashy surroundings awhile, any beauty seems special, particularly God’s 5-Star variety: a stunning sunset, a coral reef, these things keep surprising me, and reminding me there is an infinitely fascinating author behind this book we call life.

2 thoughts on “Surprised”

  1. Nick,

    Glad you enjoy the ocean.

    Sounds deceptively beautiful.

    Seen it in a few places myself in days gone by.

    I also remember the advice of a much more experience seaman than I,

    “Never turn your back on the ocean!!!”

    Miss you!

    And am still waiting for a picture of “Natalie”

  2. Oh wow. This sounds fantastic!!!!

    I’ve only been snorkeling once (in Hawaii), but it became an immediate favorite.
    Confession; this land-locked cousin to Dorthy is Jealous of your amazing, any-time-you-want snorkeling opportunity.
    Not gonna lie, though; that part about the reef dropping off into the abyss… that kind of scares me.
    I love water; I have no fear of it. What I DO have a wee bit (a lot) of a fear of is not being able to see what is below or around me, what might be lurking to grab, bite or snag me. **shudder**
    If I can see the bottom, I’m great! If I can’t see the bottom… my respiratory and cardiovascular systems gets a massive workout.

    Rabbit trail, sort of. As I was reading I couldn’t help but think of the road trip from which I just returned. I know, road-trip and snorkeling don’t seem to go together, but let me explain.
    Myself and a friend spent five days driving, climbing and hiking the many mountains, crevices, canyons, arches, valleys and deserts throughout Utah, Nevada, and Arizona.
    Best trip ever!!
    Anyway, at one point the scenery struck me as looking like the bottom of a dried-up ocean. The pitted sand stone “reefs”, the dried-up porous bushes, the ripple design of the sand-dunes and ridges… At first glance it’s just a desolate desert. But look again and one can easily imagine/see the evidence of an ancient ocean. It was awesome!! And at the same time a little … weird.
    I’m curious what the world looked like a couple decades (centuries?) after the flood.
    Even now it’s beautiful and aw inspiring. I took pictures, but they don’t do it justice.
    Oh the amazing artistry of our master Creator!!
    *end rabbit trail*

    Thanks for sharing your snorkeling experience with us; tis a delight for the imagination. 🙂

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