A Long Wait

(written about a week ago)

I’m sitting outside by the ocean.

It’s evening and there is a brilliantly gorgeous sunset, the shimmering hues of pink and blues reflecting on the water. A sailboat is lazily rolling by, the gentle sound of lapping water soothing my ears, a slight breeze whispering ‘cross my neck and face.

Life is slower here, I think I’ve said this before…

This morning I went with the pastor to visit a family. After we visited a bit and I felt we were ready to leave, they offered to prepare and serve us food. I’d already had breakfast and wasn’t particularly hungry and told them so.

But I knew when they pressed the issue to offer us some, “Rice and beans,” we were in for a little bit of a wait.

Fortunately, their place was on the beach, so the pastor and I pulled up plastic chairs under a shade tree and waited. And waited.

After two hours, I saw three guys get in a boat and begin rowing away. I idly wondered where they were going? They didn’t have a net with them so I knew they weren’t fishing. Someone offered that I could go with them, but I declined because I was waiting for my rice and beans.

About an hour later the men returned and disembarked with several fish (not ones they had caught, but purchased from a nearby market). 

When I saw the ladies start scaling and gutting the fish, I knew we would in for an even longer wait!

Another hour later (four hours waiting, total) we were finally served lunch: Rice, beans, fresh fish (bonita) with a cold Coca-Cola. It was really delicious. And by then I was hungry.

When was the last time you spent four hours waiting for a meal to be prepared? I wonder if heaven will be slower-paced like this?

It’s kinda nice, really. When else would I have had an excuse to sit out by the ocean all morning? And I enjoyed visiting with the others during that time. For awhile I went over and watched some fishermen play a game of cards. But then they got tired of that and rolled over to take a nap.

Some days here I feel like Huckleberry Finn.

Here are a few pictures I took, one of the view, another of a new oar several fishermen worked to fashion together from a stick:



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