I attended this nearby wedding several weeks ago. I didn’t know either the bride or groom, but attended for cultural curiosity. And because Ironce, my landlord, invited ne. Here is a brief report, better late than never.

I’ll start with a couple pictures.  The first shows the bride entering the church, and the second her walking down the aisle.  Sometimes in weddings in Haiti the bride arrives in a vehicle and goes straight down the aisle after getting out of the car. In this wedding that is what happened, though she arrived in a tap-tap. Sorry I didn’t get pictures of the ceremony.



As you can see, the church was still under construction. The inside was a mess, with bags of concrete lying around and even an overturned wheelbarrow at one side.

In fact, construction didn’t stop for the wedding! they continued pounding on the roof through the first part of the pastors message before I think someone finally told them to knock it off up there for a few minutes. I felt sorry for the bride having to get married in such an un-ideal setting…! I did notice they had hung pretty sheets up behind the stage which looked nice. About 100 people attended.

At the reception I was surprised to see my landlord was the DJ, or at least providing the sound equipment and generator, which I’m well aware of. This is the same generator that hardly works (some of my own hard cash has been invested into this clunker) and the same audio setup he pokes a knife into to get going. When I saw the generator at the reception, the first thing I asked Ironce was if he had checked the gas level because I tried using it last week and it was out. He told me of course it had gas. Later, I noticed people pulling the starter cord a lot of times – and It wasn’t starting. I stayed out of the situation, on the other side of the lawn. A few minutes later Ironce walked by me and I asked if the generator was broken? “No,” he said, “It’s out of gas.” Yeah, I figured so.

Several people took off on a motorcycle to buy more gasoline, but they must have got lost because it took them nigh unto forever. Not sure why, because there was a gas station right around the corner, but guests were already leaving by the time the music got started (and stopped, and started, and stopped, and started, as the stereo cut in and out).

One more candid observation: For whatever reason, at this wedding the bride didn’t look particularly happy. Furthermore, she would hardly look at the groom. The groom, on the other hand, was all grins. Afterwards, when they had several pictures taken together (several, as in two, and they were with with cell phones and a pocket digital camera) I noticed the bride didn’t seem excited about him then either. She didn’t smile big, and quickly drew away after the posed hugs. Perhaps it’s cultural, but it made me wonder if they had had a fight before? Or was she having second thoughts? Or was she being pressured into the marriage? Usually brides seem happier at their weddings, I’ve noticed, but if my bride were to be sullen towards me on the “big day,” it would be my worst scenario of things that could go wrong, though this groom appeared nonplussed. Or oblivious.

(Written from my cell phone)

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  1. Question: where there two weddings going on at the same time, in the same building?? Cause there appear to be two couples in the bottom picture… or at least two ladies wearing a white dress and veil.

    This story makes me sad for the couple; I’m nearly in tears, and I don’t even know them! I hope and pray it’s not a fore-boding of their relationship in years ahead.
    As a possible bride-to-be, I agree; to be at such odds on what should be a day of celebration would be the (second?) worst thing I can think of!! Forget the rings, drop the cake, stain the dress, loose electricity, bring on the rain, etc… but may love and unity be present and evident.

  2. OK. Trying this again. I lost my first response 🙁

    In regard to not smiling during the wedding. Melissa was in a wedding of on of our workers. During the wedding she kept trying to make the bride smile. She wouldn’t be able to keep her serious face and break a big smile. Then she would quickly go back to serious face. I am thinking that its a cultural thing. Especially how they also don’t smile during pictures. I wonder if they don’t smile during the wedding because people could be taking pictures of them :-).

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