so why the blog?

To provide an outlet for ideas
To practice writing
To interact with others
To encourage and challenge other Christians

For more info, Read My First Post

what are you writing about?

I’m the reluctant owner of a particularly over-active mind. Sometimes random brain waves escape their cranial cage to debut here.

Besides those, I relate unremarkable incidents from my life aimed at boring you – the gentle reader – to tears.

My over arching theme is to write on what it means to live practically as a Follower of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, it oftentimes devolves into something much less spiritual, more to the tune of, “Stories from Nick’s life.” Somewhere deep inside I’m a story teller.

I also genuinely enjoy writing and find it therapeutic, yet as the years roll by have to admit feeling my hands are tied in multiple directions on this blog: between having conflicting audiences, between everything written being public, between desiring not to bore people, between not wanting to mislead anyone (particularly spiritually), and between avoiding preachyness and negativity, both of which come naturally to me.

So… of what what remains, I now proffer for your edification and amusement.

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