Blessed With a Burden

Megan has lived in Haiti for a year or so – she just wrote a blog piece about a child from the same orphanage I recently visited for ten days.  Her passion comes out better than if I tried writing so I’m linking it here.  Some of the things she writes are just how I feel too…  hearing about exploitation and seeing it firsthand are two separate things.  The latter makes me angry and want to do something.  But what?

I didn’t get to meet Megan while in Haiti – had a chance to one day but it was hectic and didn’t work out.  I remember that day feeling it would be best I stayed with the kids.

Here’s the link: Where’s Gabriel

Tumblr-ing through Cyberspace

I prefer this blog be kept mainly for original content rather than reposting stuff I find online.

However, I’m always finding cool little tidbits online so the decision was made to branch into yet a new foray of internet publishing: Tumblr. 

Check it out here:

Now I have Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, a Blog and over 100 other online accounts.  I’m not joking, it’s ridiculous.

My Life Summarized By a 5-Year Old

My friend Naomi gave me this thoughtful letter. I added her explanations on the side:


The question is, “What will the scribble become?”

Perhaps there are clues in the picture that would help answer that question?

I see two stick figures amongst the scribble, does that portend something of note?

It appears they are both praying in a cemetary with a cross over their heads and a gate in the background. What does it all mean?

And is one of the stick figures female? Hard to tell.

‘Twas 111 Degrees Yesterday. Let’s Remember Cold.

Hunting_Andale_Ks_Snow Kansas Bird Hunting

ice_trees_cropped Icy Trees Along the Talimena Scenic Drive

my_tent Cold Weather Camping (in the backyard)

frozen_nalgene_bottle Another Very Cold Campout

dr_livingston_i_presumejoe_snow The Abominable Snowman Revealed (on the right)

In the drinkCold Weather Swimming. Do I Look Cold?

nick_hunting I Was Colder Here.

And More Cold Pictures from Flickr

South Pole Sunrise Mt. Rainer National Park, Washington State

Hochfügen, Igloo Session A Cool Guy in the Snow

I've been keeping my eyes wide open I Think She’s Dreaming of a White Christmas…

Ramsbottom Living Nativity 201209A Live Nativity!

Are they Singing, “Joy To the World,” or, “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow”?

Igloo Dusk A Nice Cool Spot