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Beautiful Beginnings and Unexpected Endings

Written by Anachemy

What an exciting feeling it is to know there are only 52 days left until I walk down the aisle to join in holy matrimony with my dearest and best friend!

It feels to me like butterflies dancing to a beautiful melody in my tummy. The music crescendos as the butterflies flutter irrepressibly and I can’t help but wear a big tawdry grin! As the time draws close, the anticipation builds and my heart can’t help but skip a beat or two.

Yes, it’s something like that but better.

It’s hard to describe!

Have you ever waited for a big day—graduation, the birth of a baby, water baptism? That is what it’s like for me.

When Nick and I originally started our “count-down” kick-off there were 152 days. Now, 100 days later, we are at a mere 52.

As we work towards finalizing things for the wedding, our to-do lists fail to show any signs of shrinking. They seem to grow day by day. There is always that “one more thing” which must get done. As the “one mores things” turn into “six or seven more things,” Nick and I are rediscovering the art of prioritizing. This is where logic meets creativity and the ability to multitask appears as a gift from God.

I’m in the States this week getting ready for wedding preparations. Right after I arrived back in New Jersey something unpredicted happened.

I lost my aunt to Lymphoma Cancer.  She leaves behind her husband and three children. She was a lady whom I admired dearly. She always encouraged me in my faith walk with Christ. She was as strong as they come and truly lived a life for the Lord. She was a caring and loving woman, but most importantly, she was honest. Not an insensitive-honest, but a sincere-compassionate “I care about you” honest.

Some time back she came to Haiti and visited me. I’ll never forget the time we shared together then. This past Friday evening she lost the battle and is now pain free. As we mourn, heaven rejoices, and our families are left to cherish the memories. She was a phenomenal woman and will greatly be missed.

Her funeral this upcoming Saturday isn’t another item on my list. It is a priority.

52 more days until the happy Wedding Day.  4 more days until the sadder, See You One Day Soon day.

55 Days!

Written by Nick

It’s getting down to the last couple months before we’re married.  We are both excited, and both swamped with things which need to get done.

Today Anachemy took her wedding gown in for alteration, and also purchased shoes for the Big Day. 

I’m getting this website up and going.

Right now we’re also figuring out all the travel arrangements.  Today I reserved a rental car for when we’re back in America for our honeymoon.  Rental cars are a bit of a racket, but I know all about them now.  Like how you have to watch out for hidden fees (did you know Thrifty socks you $11/day for each extra driver??).

Anyways, we have made lists and lists of things to get done, and slowly but surely they are getting done.

Planning this wedding reminds me of my “senior project” in college.  In this case my group partner is Anachemy, my soon-to-be spouse, and the objective is to get to the alter without either of us losing our sanity, etc..  Emotions run high, expectations constantly being challenged, and there are other stress-factors as well.

All this to say, I couldn’t be happier in preparing to marry the Love of my Life! That’s the part I’m looking forward to. So here’s to 55 more days.