Details for Out-of-Town Travelers to Wichita, KS

Q: What is the time and day of the wedding?
Saturday, May the 9th, 2015
at 2 o’clock

Q: Where will the ceremony be located?
Westside Bible Chapel
12050 West Central Avenue
Wichita, KS 67235

Q: Do you have rooms blocked out at a hotel?
Yes, we have a special rate arranged at the Comfort Suites Airport hotel.

Call (316) 773-1700 and let them know you are with the Nick-Anachemy wedding party to reserve your room. The price is $89/night.

Info Sheet Provided by the Hotel.

This Comfort Suites hotel is a mile from the airport and a 10 minute drive from the church. It is also in an area with restaurants and shopping.

Price: $89 for a King or Queen Suite
Free Hot Breakfast? Yes
Indoor Pool? Yes
Free airport shuttle? Yes
Check-in / Check-out 3pm / 11am
7515 West Taft Street
Wichita, KS 67209

Q: How far is the church and hotel from the airport?
The church is a 15 minute drive from the airport. The hotel is a 5 minute drive from the airport. See map below:


Q: Will I need a rental car?
The short answer is probably yes.

Wichita does not have a good public transit system. Another option is to use taxis, but rental cars are inexpensive in Kansas (under $75 for a 3-day rental).

Check out Orbitz or Priceline for the best prices.

Q: Could I fly in to Wichita on the same day of the wedding?
The short answer is probably yes.

The wedding is at 2pm. The earliest flight coming into Wichita from Newark is a Delta flight arriving at 11:11am. American Airlines has a cheaper flight that arrives in Wichita at 12:10pm.

Both would be cutting it a bit close, but doable.

Q: Could I fly out of Wichita on the same day of the wedding?
Yes, the last flight out of Wichita to Newark is with Delta and leaves Wichita at 4:50pm. Again, cutting it close, but doable.

Q: Where can I find the cheapest flights online?
A great resource that is easy to use is Google Flights. It appears American Airlines has the cheapest flights from Newark.

Q: What does the schedule look like after the 2pm wedding ceremony?
There will be a reception at the church immediately following the wedding. Finger foods, cake, and punch will be served. There won’t be alcohol or dancing.

Most likely everything will be wrapped up at the church by 5pm.

Q: I’m thinking of staying in Wichita another day to make it into a mini-vacation, is there anything to do there?
Great idea! Here are some things to do in Wichita:

1) Eat at one of its’ many restaurants. Wichita has everything from BBQ to Fine dining. For a great hamburger, try Spangle’s, a nearby fastfood diner with 50’s décor.

2) The huge Sedgwick County Zoo is located in West Wichita and has everything from elephants to penguins to alligators to grizzlies to monkeys/gorillas/orangutans to pink flamingos and an entire indoor jungle.

3) Our Warren Movie Theatre’s are exceptional. Recently the West Warren was also outfitted with an iMax.

4) For kids, the Exploration Place downtown on the river is a lot of fun.

Q. Why is the wedding in Kansas instead of New Jersey?
Great question. One of our first ideas was to have only one wedding in Haiti. There were many reasons this turned out to be a bad idea, so we reconsidered and decided to plan two weddings: 1) an official wedding in Kansas for the people in America and to have the legal side of things taken care of and 2) another one in Haiti for certain of Anachemy’s family, for people we know here, and particularly for the children at the orphanage Anachemy has worked at the last three years.

In respect to the wedding in America, there were good reasons to have it in New Jersey and good reasons to have it in Kansas. We had to make a decision, so we did. We know that decision is inconvenient for may people, and we feel badly about that. However, we want to say Thank-You if you are considering coming anyways!

Q: What is Kansas and Wichita known for?
The state of Kansas is located in the Great Plains of America. The land is wide open and flat, mostly used for farming and raising beef cattle. Kansas is known for its striking sunsets, tornados, and, unfortunately, the Wizard of Oz. It’s been referred to as the “Breadbasket of the World” because of the amount of wheat grown. Kansas is a nice place to call home!

The city of Wichita is the largest in Kansas, located at the confluence of two rivers. It depends heavily on the aviation industry for its economic survival and is referred to as the “Air Capital of the World.” Upon arriving, you may not see how it could be the Air Capital with such a small airport. Don’t be deceived, Wichita is home to Boeing, Cessna, Beachcraft, Learjet, Bombardier, and McConnel Air Force Base!

Q: What does the church look like where the wedding will be held?
Westside Bible Chapel is Nick’s home church in the States. The sanctuary seats 250 people.

Q: I have another question that wasn’t answered on here. How can I best contact you?
Drop us a line. You can e-mail Nick at nickles83@gmail.com or we can both be found on Facebook.