Details for Travelers

Q: What is the date and time of the ceremony in Haiti?
Saturday, May 30th, 2015 at 5pm.

Q: Where in Haiti will it be?
At Wahoo Bay Beach resort. It is located about an hour and a half up the coast from Port-au Prince. It is a beautiful property and has 28 air conditioned rooms.

Q: What will the wedding be like?
We will drive up in the morning to make sure everything is setup ok. The wedding will be down on the beach where chairs will be setup.

After the ceremony, a meal of Haitian food will be served buffet style in an open pavilion that has a great ocean view.

We are reserving rooms at the resort for out-of-town guests to spend the night after the wedding.

Q: I want to come to Haiti for the wedding. What is involved?
A passport, time off work, and a plane ticket!

If you decide to come, we will take care of you after you arrive. We can pick you up at the airport and arrange for your lodging and food while you’re here.

Q: What would the trip cost?
Your expenses would be the plane ticket and any incidentals you decide to buy in Haiti.

From Newark, a round-trip ticket costs about $400.
From Wichita, a round-trip ticket costs about $700.

Q: If I come to Haiti, won’t I be in the way?

No, not at all, we would love to have you! For the wedding itself, the resort is dealing with most of the logistics, so that is relieving a lot of stress on us.

Also, because we will have already had a honeymoon in the States, we will not be taking another one in Haiti after the ceremony. This means that in the days after the wedding we can spend time with guests who come in.

Q: Why are you having a second wedding ceremony in Haiti instead of just doing a celebration in Haiti?
The reason is because we would like the children at the orphanage Anachemy has worked and lived at for the last several years to be part of our wedding and see us recite our vows to each other.

Q: I’ve heard there is political turmoil/malaria/violence/dangerous roads/etc in Haiti, will I be safe if I come?
While we can’t promise what will happen exactly, we can promise to do our best to make sure everything is well taken care of during your stay. The most likely incident you’d be likely to encounter is petty theft if you were to leave valuables unattended.

Q: What is the ocean like at the beach resort?
The ocean waves are calm because Wahoo Bay is protected. So the waves aren’t big enough for surfing. However, snorkeling is a possibility.

Q: I would like to attend the Haiti wedding and have lots more questions. What now?
Great! You can get ahold of us by e-mail. Nick’s address is: nickles83@gmail.com or you can find either of us on Facebook.