38,000 Denominations… plus House Churches

When delving into the study of how Christians should structure their meetings – particularly in respect to modeling closely after New Testament principles – it doesn’t take long before one stumbles across the “House Church Movement.”

I do know I’m supposed to Love God and Love my Neighbor (and admit to frequently failing there at square one), but contending to know which of the 38,000 Christian denominations has the real corner on truth leaves even my analytical mind spinning!

Did Jesus intend for “principles of gathering” to be this complicated? Or is the infinitesimally fractured denominationalism we see all merely a result of man’s attempt to formulize what Jesus intended to be a heart attitude lifestyle?

In my quest to Simply Follow Christ, I’m committed to finding answers. Or at least seeking answers. Currently my pilgrimage has led me to examine the merits of House Churches.

Looking online I came across this House Church Basics website which contains a number of thought provoking articles. Reading all the articles takes forever… but fortunately (for you) I’ve compiled what I found to be the most interesting sections into this document:
An Intro to House Churches – A Quote Compilation by NickPDF FormatMS Word Format