Is Teaching Supposed to be This Hard?

delinquent police deptSome of my students are very difficult to deal with (er… instruct).

Since I haven’t been a teacher long my first reaction is, “Well, this all must be because of me, I must be the problem.” So I try to be nicer, more accomadating, more helpful, and more patient.

And then I find out they’re having problems in other classes too. Or in some cases, with the law. For instance, one of my more difficult students just got incarcerated. And another – who was also quite trying – just got expelled for gang fighting.

So I guess I’m learning maybe it’s not all my fault. I’m just not used to working with kids who “act out” to the extent some of these do.

Does that mean I should be less patient or less kind with these “problem” kids? Naw, of course not. But it does make me less likely to cut them slack. They need discipline somewhere in their lives and my classroom is a good place to start.

Also… I’ve been amazed at how quickly and dramatically a few rough characters can bring down their peers. The negative influence of even one rebellious student is highly infectious. I never would have believed how poisionous to a classroom a rotten attitude is if I hadn’t seen it first hand.

I’m learning you can’t accomadate their behaviour, you have to CRACK DOWN on it. It’s best for everyone.

Like Dr. Seuss says, “Now my troubles are going to have trouble with me!”

Photo Credit: Juvenile Delinquent